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Saturday 1st August - Dodford Fruit Pruning Workshop day with Wade Muggleton - CANCELLED

Due to the current situation we have reluctantly decided to postpone the Fruit Pruning Workshop until next year. As soon as we have a new date we will let everyone know.

Solent White Garlic

June and July is the time to lift Garlic. Once the leaves start to yellow and lie down the garlic bulbs should be ready to lift. Once lifted remember to leave them on the ground for a few days then brush off any excess soil. To dry fully so that they store well, place them on some suspended netting to allow plenty of air to circulate around the bulbs.

Normally for showing the best matching bulbs would be selected from those lifted, the remainder would leave plenty to select "the best" for your stock to divide into individual cloves to plant about the 23rd October in our area. Once the stock bulbs are selected eat the rest!

We hope that members will save plenty of Garlic Cloves to plant for next years show. Not only can the bulbs be exhibited in the garlic class, they could also be used in the Vegetable Trug class where the white colour adds an extra dimension.

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