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Tips/Growing information

May in the Veg Garden

Peas and beans can be sown outdoors. All vegetable plants can be planted outdoors once ready and if weather conditions are good. Leeks and late Brassicas can be sown now for over wintering


April in the Veg Garden

It’s time to sow the following seeds:

1st Beetroot and carrots outdoors. Plant Brassicas outside and onions from the end of April


March in the Veg Garden

It’s time to start sowing the following seeds:                                                                                        

Brassicas’, Aubergine, Chilli, early lettuce, Jolant Leeks, Sweet Peppers and Tomatoes (outdoor varieties)


February in the Veg Garden

It’s time to sow the following seeds:

Aubergine, Chilli, Sweet Peppers, Tomatoes (early varieties).                                                 Smaller varieties of onions and leeks                                           

It’s time to top dress with general fertiliser:

All overwintered garlic and onions


January 2018

The vegetable guide below was in with a Garden Illustrated Magazine. I thought it may be of interest to members and get them thinking about what to plant for this years Dodford Show

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